Santei Studios is a Contemporary, Ready-to-wear brand with Kente, traditional hand-woven Ghanaian fabric being at the core. The most significant thing about Santei is the relationship it has with the Ghanaian textile community and creatives. Santei is about celebrating British culture through traditional silhouettes as well as Ghanaian textiles and merging both cultures this way. Expect traditional tailoring with a new approach not forgetting vibrant colours and bold patterns. The Santei client is looking to stand out from the crowd whether it's in their workplace or just day to day. They're looking for timeless pieces as well as pieces that can easily be styled as statements. With a playful approach which can also be adapted to formal obligations.


Amanda Achampong was born and raised in London to Ghanaian parents. Designing since she was 8, and now a BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University, 2016, she gained experience in various luxury brands from production to sales. Both Amanda's background, roots and Christian faith play significant roles in her life and together birth Santei Studios. Her personal style comes through to the designs as well as overall direction. 'Santei is giving pieces of me to the world, and it's also being the voice I want to be heard'.